IFICS Treasury

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World of Knowledge on Fractures in Children @ your finger tips
Exclusively For Delegates and Faculty of IFICS 2020

What is IFICS Treasury?

IFICS treasury is a collection of specially crafted reference material on fractures in children.

The Aim of IFICS treasury is to create immediate access information on a pediatric fracture for practising orthopaedic surgeons and residents.


Sandeep Patwardhan

Taral Nagda

Premal Naik

Shital Parikh

What will it contain?

The Contents of IFICS treasure fall into three categories

IFICS Video lectures

  • ABCDE Anatomy Biomechanics Classification Diagnosis and Evaluation
  • Management principles
  • Complications 


IFICS reviews

  • Important articles on the topic and a video reviews of articles by IFICS faculty.



  • Illustrated PDF on the essential information on a fracture for at a glance reference.


How to access it?

  • All regeistered delegates, invited guests and faculty of IFICS 2020 will have access to IFICS treasury.
  • The access to IFICS treasury will be password protected. The username password will be mailed to you by Ortho TV
  • If you have any difficulty in accessing IFICS treasury please feel free to email to info.ifics@gmail.com

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